Special Reports

The 10 Commandments of Trading

This is a set of 10 rules that Chris trades by every single day. If a trade doesn’t fit one of these commandments, then that’s it – it’s off the table. With this set of simple rules, you’re on your way to becoming a market expert. Click here to learn more.

The Four Evolutions of Investing

In Chris’s 30-plus year trading career, he’s experienced a lot. But the most important part of his journey was the beginning. As Chris first learned to trade, he uncovered the four evolutions of investing. If you want to understand the world of the stock market, then these are four evolutions you must know. Click here to learn more.

Technical Analysis 101

Technical analysis is the foundation for every single trade that Chris makes. It’s the best way to predict the market’s best move – better than fundamentals, better than the news, better than any market predictor you’ve used before. And understand it is a whole lot easier than you think. In this report, Chris breaks down everything you need to know about technical analysis. Click here to learn more.

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