Netflix Will Be Under Fire in the Coming “Content Wars”

Google may be a tech company, but the word “Google” has long since come to mean something else.

It’s the verb meaning “to look something up online.” After all, if someone doesn’t know something, we tell them to “Google it.”

A few other brands have reached this status too.

For most people, “Kleenex” is the name for tissues. Similarly, “Taser” has come to mean any non-lethal electric stun weapon. Even some completely unassuming words started off as brand names: Dumpster, Bubble Wrap, Escalator, even Kerosene.

This can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it keeps the name at the top of the customers mind. For example, few people can think of a search engine other than Google.

On the other hand, few now remember the original creators of the Dumpster or of Kerosene. The brand may have become a household name, but the original product and their manufacturer are long gone.

Another brand that’s becoming a household name is Netflix Inc. (NFLX). And this November, we’re going to see whether that’s a blessing or a curse.

Because on November 1, the “Content Wars” will begin the next era of streaming entertainment.

And Netflix is in for the fight of its life

This is the Most Significant Barrier to Reaching New Market Heights…

As you’re hopefully enjoying your Saturday, I’d like to bring you the latest 10-Minute Millionaire market update.

One of the most significant developments occurring this week is the fact that the S&P 500 is once again testing the all-time highs that it achieved back in July. As we’ve previously discussed, the market often has trouble in breaking through the all-time high in any significant way – or if it does, it has trouble staying above that mark.

This marks the third time that the high has been tested since July, and both times the market has failed to run higher. Are we in for more of the same this time? I’ll show you some technical indicators for what is most likely to happen next.

It’s been an important week for earnings reports as well, with over 100 companies listed on the S&P 500 releasing their earnings reports.

We’ll also take a look at the major investing sectors – with a focus on some of the most prominent tech stocks on the market – and check in on how they’ve been performing over the last few months, as well as where they may be heading going forward.

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