Why the Market Keeps Rising Despite Terrible Economic Data

In case you were hoping 2020 was done with the bad news, these past few days were sure to disappoint.

On top of a now six-month long global pandemic and the resulting economic downturn, we’ve had a public display of horrendous police brutality.

And following that, we’ve seen the worst civil unrest in five decades, with protests, demonstrations, and unfortunately, violence and looting in many cities across the country.

Add to that reports that China is cancelling its commitments under January’s Phase One trade deal (along with the rest of the troubling tensions with China), and surely the markets should be down.

After all, how bad do things have to get to drive the S&P 500 down a few points?

Instead, markets opened flat this morning. And then the major U.S. indexes marched dutifully upward into midday.

In other words, the markets reacted with a shrug.

How You Can Profit from Changing Sector Strength

The market held its breath on Friday in anticipation of President Trump’s press conference on the subject of China, as the tone of his statements could have huge ramifications for the markets.

I had to film this week’s market update video before the press conference in order to get it to you today, so you’ll know the results of the press conference by the time you see this. So, to cover my bases, I’ll go over what I see as the three potential outcomes of the Trump’s address, and what effect each will have on the market.

We’ll also take a look at a new Reality Gap concerning the big swings we’ve seen lately in sector rotation. As money flows out of the tech sector, it’s being funneled into some unexpected sectors.

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