How to Gauge if the All-Time High Will Hold…

With all of the important happenings in the market recently – most notably, the S&P 500 jumping above the previous all-time high – I want to give you an overview of what’s been going on in the market, and how we can interpret that information to predict where’s it’s heading going forward.

You may recall that the previous times that the S&P 500 broke the all-time high this year, it was by a small amount and rather short-lived.

In trying to decipher whether it will be more of the same this time, or if the market will continue to push upward, there are a few important indicators that we can look at to help us. These are some of the same tools that professional traders and analysts use to determine where to move huge amounts of money, but which can help even the most modest investor navigate Wall Street.

Click below to watch and learn how to spot trends that indicate which way the market will move.

Netflix Will Be Under Fire in the Coming “Content Wars”

Google may be a tech company, but the word “Google” has long since come to mean something else.

It’s the verb meaning “to look something up online.” After all, if someone doesn’t know something, we tell them to “Google it.”

A few other brands have reached this status too.

For most people, “Kleenex” is the name for tissues. Similarly, “Taser” has come to mean any non-lethal electric stun weapon. Even some completely unassuming words started off as brand names: Dumpster, Bubble Wrap, Escalator, even Kerosene.

This can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it keeps the name at the top of the customers mind. For example, few people can think of a search engine other than Google.

On the other hand, few now remember the original creators of the Dumpster or of Kerosene. The brand may have become a household name, but the original product and their manufacturer are long gone.

Another brand that’s becoming a household name is Netflix Inc. (NFLX). And this November, we’re going to see whether that’s a blessing or a curse.

Because on November 1, the “Content Wars” will begin the next era of streaming entertainment.

And Netflix is in for the fight of its life

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