Take Advantage of This Rare Market Blow-off with These Two Stocks…

Greetings 10-Minute Millionaires! I hope you’re enjoying the last weekend of 2019.

Today, I’d like to explore with you another “Reality Gap” – where expectations don’t quite meet up with reality – and how we can make a profit from it.

You’ve likely noticed that the market has been on a tear this month, shattering previous all-time highs. With such incredible success, there’s a lot of voices out there shouting that the sky is about to fall and we should take our money and run while we can.

Well, I’m here to tell you not to listen to those naysayers – and I’ve got some very reliable technical data to back that up.

This December run-up has achieved a feat we’ve only seen happen 30 times since 1990, and the market performance that typically follows this phenomenon tells us that it’s not time to run for cover just yet.

I’ll show you exactly what I mean in the video below, and I’ll also give you recommendations on two of my favorite stocks to buy right now.

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How You Can Play the Santa Claus Rally for Huge Gains

The financial press has struck out covering the Christmas stock market rally. It’s time for you to cash in, and I’ll tell you specifically how below.

But first, I want all of you 10-Minute Millionaires to take your final profits on your AAPL Jan 3, 2020 $267.50 calls (AAPL200103C00267500) that I recommended earlier this month. We’ve already hit our first profit target, and I told you to hold the second half of your call options for even bigger gains. Well, those gains are here.

Depending on when your bought your AAPL calls, they are up 200 – 425%! There’s two ways to play this:

  1. Take those huge profits now for a great holiday treat
  2. Hang of for even more profits, selling no later than Jan 3rd in the early afternoon.

Either way you play it, what a great way to close out the year! Let me know how you did on this trade in the comments section below.

I hope you’re enjoying your holiday season. The Bartons had a busy and fun time. Last weekend we loaded my adult children and their boyfriends and girlfriends into a rental van and took a family trip to visit my Dad. The six and a half hour trip together each way was part of the fun.

For Christmas Eve, we enjoyed church service with my wife leading the praise and worship band – she even recruited me to fill in on drums. Then back to the house for a relaxing evening of conversation and a Christmas movie or two.

Regardless of your spiritual tradition, I hope that you enjoyed the company and love of family and friends as well.

As I said above, the Christmas-time Santa Clause Rally has been poorly covered in the business media this year. The gap between that coverage and the reality of how good this seasonal indicator has been gives us a great opportunity for profits heading into the New Year.

Let me explain

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