This Week’s Earnings Reports Will Reveal Plenty About the Economy…

Since the mega-tech earnings reports are finished, Big Media is looking in all the wrong places for where markets will go next.

For example, rumors swirled over the weekend that the White House would impose additional restrictions on Chinese tech firms. So headlines this morning are all about that.

But the measures taken this morning are just clarifying the existing rules. They’ll make it harder for Huawei to go around restrictions, nothing more.

Other sources of headline risk we’re supposed to be worried about affecting the market include the Covid-19 pandemic, other parts of the new China Cold War, or the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that’s starting today.

But really, all that’s baked in. Each party always gets a boost in ratings just after their convention, and traders know what Biden’s running on, and who his VP pick is. There’ll be no surprises here.

Covid-19 and China are priced in as well. As I’m writing this, the S&P 500 is inching up toward all-time highs despite the tension on both these fronts

What History Tells Us About This Week’s Market “Pause”

I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday! As usual, I have a quick market update video to bring to you today.

With all of the politically charged headlines that come in an election year – most designed simply to get your attention – some days it can be really hard to discern what is really important to you and your finances.

Well, that’s why I’ve made it part of my mission here at Straight-Up Profits to help you sift through the deluge of “news” heaped on us every day, and find the information that’s really going to affect your money.

In today’s market update video, I’ll share with you the stories that are really going to have an impact on your finances, and what to do with that knowledge.

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