The Best Long-Term Value Play Of 2021

If you’re looking for some stocks that you can buy and hold for a long time, right now is the absolute best time to buy them.

I’ve been scouring the market for any long-term buy-and-hold stocks, and my technical charts show me that there are exactly six stocks you can invest in right now to secure your lifetime wealth.

In fact, there will never be a better time in history to make these long-term investments.

[This Tech Is Where Billionaires Put Their Money Now]

The entire world is picking itself back up from a pandemic shutdown, and a lot of money will be spent once everything is fully operational again.

The retail sector will boom. The travel technology sector will boom. Commodities will boom.

Dare I say it, every single industry on the planet will benefit from the inevitable reopening.

And every single data point and market pattern I look at are all saying the same thing:

Buy these six stocks if you want a dependable, long-term investment…

Gamestop Wasn’t The End: 150+ Stocks Are Positioned For Squeeze Profits

The economy is reopening and showing strong signs of growth – and its shooting the market to new all-time highs with every passing day.

Plus, earnings season is finally here, which should give the market a catalyst for another rally higher.

Things are looking good for the average investor, but for short sellers – the world is burning.

Short sellers have been busy adding to their positions over the past month, hoping and praying that stocks will fall off the cliff they’ve built.

And every time they add a new short to their portfolio, our trade candidates grow.

In fact, there are now over 150 stocks about to enter a short-squeeze – that’s up from 127 just two weeks ago.

Why should you care about these short squeezes?

Well, you remember GameStop Inc. (NYSE:GME), don’t you?

This infamous short-squeeze ignited a movement that has led to over $11 million being up for grabs in the market every second of every day – and this cutting-edge, predictive platform can help you take advantage of the phenomenon.

Although GME’s 1,700% jump is an extremely rare case, it’s the quintessential example of a short squeeze – and the profit opportunities that come along with it.

And my data shows three stocks you can squeeze right now…

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