How to Play the Market’s Renewed Concern Over Covid-19 Cases

Since late March, stock markets have been rallying even as Americans have been struggling with record unemployment, business closures, and virus fears.

Last week, that all changed. As the weather improved and states reopened, people everywhere crowded beaches, stores, and parks.

And all that mingling happened all too often without masks and with folks jammed together, judging by images online.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Where the Market is Heading…

In today’s weekly market update video ­- after I sort out a bit of a wardrobe malfunction – I’d like to talk to you about what’s been happening with retail investors that are causing a lot of beaten down stocks to rise, a trend I’ve been referring to as “The Dash for Trash.”

I’ll go over some of the most popular targets for retail investors, and whether or not you should be getting involved in the rally.

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