These Two Narratives are the Biggest Market Movers Right Now

It’s time once again for another market update. This week, traders and investors continued to see the huge battle between troubling Covid-19 infection data and stimulus from the Federal Reserve swing markets back and forth.

In today’s video, we’ll take a look at some of the most impacted stocks from these competing market narratives, and which ones are coming out on top.

I’ll also show you some of the latest support and resistance levels so that you’ll know where to look for potential moves up or down. I’ll also give you some of my favorite stocks to take advantage of the big headlines we can expect to see in the near future.

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These are the Stocks to Buy as Troubling Covid-19 Surge Data Emerges

Early on during the Covid-19 pandemic, there were hopes that if we only made it to the summer, the weather and the outdoors would take care of the virus for us.

After all, something similar happens with the flu. Transmission drops in the summer, and picks back up in the fall and winter.

Of course, Covid-19 is caused by a coronavirus, a very different kind of virus than influenza. And early signs from tropical and subtropical outbreaks of Covid-19 were mixed.

Singapore, for example, had a lot of success containing its outbreak. It was thought that the tropical weather helped the city-state’s extensive screening and contract tracing.

But by early April, an outbreak had taken hold that Singapore is still fighting.

I believe a COVID-19 vaccine is coming much sooner than you think. Who is going to win the vaccine race? (Here’s what I know)

Here in the U.S., some warmer states that were spared the first big wave of Covid-19 are now showing signs that they may have serious problems due to the virus.

Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas have made the headlines as places where Covid-19 may be surging, despite the summer weather.

If it’s true, then this volatile stock market we’ve been seeing recently will be around for much longer.

But the numbers are already in dispute. Some say Covid-19 cases are rising in these states, which means the virus is spreading.

Others say states are testing more people now, so naturally the number of cases will also rise.

There’s a lot of noise as the Big Four try to make sure you keep doing what suits them.

Unfortunately for them, there’s a way to see whether Covid-19 really is surging or not.

And the data here is concerning…

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