How You Can Avoid Getting Caught on the Wrong Side of Pullbacks

For our regularly scheduled Saturday video, I decided to do something a little different this week.

Instead of the usual market update, I’ve decided to host a brief training session on a very valuable indicator.

The inspiration for this idea came to me on Thursday morning as the market was talking an absolute beating and so many investors were caught on the wrong side of it.

And so today, I’m going to detail one of the best indicators to help you figure out which stocks are poised for a fall so that you can hopefully avoid as much pain as possible when we have big washout days like we did on Thursday.

Click below to watch.

How to Cash in on This Week’s Big Split Profits and Be Ready for the Next One

Monday may have been a slow news day, but for investors, it was a day to remember.

Because as markets opened on Monday, both Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Tesla Inc. (TSLA) stock were suddenly trading at prices much lower than they had closed at on Friday afternoon.

The two stocks had finally hit their long awaited “stock splits.”

Financially, stock splits mean absolutely nothing. They are completely irrelevant.

But psychologically, in this instance, it seems that the splits mean a bunch

In fact, despite the mad rush up so far, Tesla and Apple could both now surge by 33%.

Here’s why

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