Forget FAANG – These Two Stocks Will Report the Most Profitable Earnings Yet

We’re about to get into the most exciting part of earnings season.

And no, I’m not talking about results from big names like Facebook, Apple, or Tesla. Believe it or not, these aren’t the most exciting reports of earnings season.

They’re actually the most boring.

Analysts spend day in and day out talking about these stocks. Their results are expected, their trades are crowded, and if you’re asking me, they aren’t worth your money.

The companies that are announcing over the next three weeks are different. They’re the companies that have the least number of analysts tracking them…

Which means that you’ve got the best opportunity to turn announcements into profits. You just have to do a little homework…

Or let me do it for you.

Here are the top two most important earnings names to watch this week

This Trade Setup Looks Eerily Similar to GameStop’s

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Key words being used to.

Andrew Keene, my colleague and something of a “millennial millionaire,” is now recommending trades on what he calls “super squeezes.” And he’s using them to outsmart the Wall Street elites.

He’s eyeing one trade on Monday with serious profit potential – one whose setup looks eerily similar to GameStop’s.

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But listen up, because in the meantime, there are a few more stocks to watch this week…

12 stocks, to be exact, have taken residence on this weekend’s watchlist – and any one of them could become your next profit.

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