Here’s The Biggest Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

What a busy week, huh?

It seemed like every time we turned there was a new breaking news story hitting the airwaves.

That’s why today, I’m going to walk you through all the biggest events including taking a close look at the market, digging into coronavirus numbers, China, and more.

And I’ll also let you in on a trade that I’ve been watching closely and show you exactly how you can win big off of it too.

Let’s get started…

The Six Areas of China Aggression and Short and Intermediate Trades to Play It

Amid the constant reports about Europe’s reopening, a new €750 billion stimulus, America’s slide back into Covid-19, and the upcoming election, chances are that any news you’ve seen about China lately has been on the periphery.

Despite being the origin of the pandemic sweeping the globe, Big Media has largely stopped covering China. The country’s draconian measures seem to have brought the virus under control, although we may never know the true cost to the Chinese people.

But we ignore China at our own peril. Because even as it struggles to recover from Covid-19, the Chinese government is taking full advantage of the global disarray caused by the pandemic.

Europe is slowly reopening its economy, and has been distracted with intense negotiations over stimulus bills and Brexit.

Here in America, Covid-19 is resurging, Congress is debating the fifth round of stimulus, and the November elections are sucking up more and more attention.

That’s left China able to do pretty much whatever it wants. Already, we’ve seen the country take six highly aggressive moves.

As it’s facing limited opposition, there are surely more to come.

But don’t worry. It’s not all bad news…

And there’s a way to protect yourself and play this Chinese aggression for a big win…

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