Texas’ Energy Crisis Just Fortified This “Old School” Trade

Clean energy is one of the strongest sectors I’ve ever seen in this market – especially right now.

Companies like SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq:SPWR), First Solar Inc. (Nasdaq:FSLR), and Canadian Solar Inc. (Nasdaq:CSIQ) have given my Night Trader readers the chance to add thousands of cumulative percent worth of return to their portfolio of my recommendations, and we’re only getting started. (Call 1-877-211-3024 to learn how to join them.)

But something weird started happening a few months ago…

The “old school energy” trade – that’s what I call the traditional oil and natural gas companies – started to get a strong bid right as their sectors were hitting multi-year lows.

Why? Well, most investors see 2021 as a year of renewed expansion in the global economies, which would in turn raise oil prices by the end of the year.

But what started as a few upgrades to year-end prices is now rapidly gaining speed. Renewed growth and inflationary pressure have caused some analysts to raise their oil price forecasts to over $100 per barrel.

The move in oil prices comes while the “clean energy” movement has been gaining ground and popularity as well. For the last few weeks, in fact, we’ve seen “clean” and “dirty” energy stocks increase in tandem.

And this past weekend is going to turbocharge that move.

[I talked all about old school energy stocks in the latest episode of The Profit Strategies Podcast, Finding Profits in the Oil Market. Listen right here.]

Texas is experiencing a rare snow storm. One that has led to electrical grid problems that have put millions of consumers in the dark, literally, and the cold.

The state’s frozen wind turbines are adding to the problem on the power grid – and that has traders looking away from clean energy, straight back to the natural gas and oil markets. They’re putting the star quarterback in to save the game after the new rookie threw a few interceptions.

Now, the surge we’re about to see in the “old school” energy names is not happening because clean energy has failed. It’s because clean energy solutions are still early in the acceptance phase – like a rookie quarterback that is still learning the entire offense.

If you want to increase your returns in the first half of 2021, I suggest adding exposure to these “dirty energy” names, especially as the winter season takes our southern states in a chokehold.

In fact, here are two you can add right now for a 30% return over the next quarter

A 20% Market Correction Could Hit Next Week – Watch These Two Indicators

We may be closing in on a short-term market top.

One that could shave anywhere from 10-20% from prices… quickly.

And that top could hit as soon as next week.

But you don’t have to run from the market without looking back. You don’t have to drop every stock from your portfolio. Because today, I’m going to show you exactly how to prepare for this correction.

Remember, volatility is a trader’s best friend, whether it’s from upside or downside movement. And as long as you’re watching these two market indicators, then the short-term correction won’t pull the rug out from under your portfolio.

Every trader and investor should be watching these two indicators very closely.

Together, they’re the only way to pinpoint exactly when the market’s next correction will occur – allowing you to call the top – and profit on the downside…

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