These Two Stocks Under $2 are the Best Way to Profit from Volatility

Any approach to investing should be applicable to any stock, at any price.

Just like the strategy that I showed you yesterday.

Looking for the shift in momentum, technical trends, and volume will always show you which stocks are about to experience a sudden, steep spike.

And as traders, we can make money whether that spike goes up or down.

As promised, today I’m going to show you two low-dollar stocks that fulfill yesterday’s criteria… and how you can profit from them.

I prefer to use this strategy on smaller stocks because of their larger magnitude towards the upside.

It doesn’t take much for a $1 stock to double, or triple your investment… and it certainly doesn’t take much for a $0.10 stock to do so either.

These two stocks are “in play,” here’s the exact price to buy them…

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