How I Found a 30% Profit Opportunity Walking Down Main Street

This weekend, I took what I call “A Walk Down Main Street.”

Now, I’m not talking about the dichotomy between “Wall Street” and “Main Street.” I’m not referring to a metaphorical street filled with average American investors.

No, I literally hit the streets, sneakers on and all. Because around me, “Main Street” is stacked with publicly-traded companies…

And that means it’s stacked with profit opportunities as well.

The purpose of these “walks” is simple: connect with what is going on in the market at the “Street Level” – something that can be very telling in the heat of the holiday shopping season.

The results, however, were a little surprising.

One crowded store, in fact, led me to a stock set for a 30% bounce by the end of March…

My Favorite Technical Indicator Can Predict Any Stock’s Future

I’ve been in this business long enough to have seen an incredible evolution of investing.

Don’t believe me? Well, my first stock charts were drawn by hand (mine) on graph paper. I was tasked with updating a three-ring binder of charts with each company’s respective closing price, followed by calculating moving averages for each.

It was 1991, and there were no charting software applications or supercomputers of databases – just a three-ring binder. That simple daily task taught me an important lesson…

In data we trust.

It also gave me my first experience with what has become my favorite technical indicator: the 50-day moving average.

Remember my Ten Commandments of Trading? Last week, I told you about one of them: volatility is a trader’s best friend.

Well, the 50-day moving average is the basis of another commandment – the first one, in fact:

The trend is your friend.

You see, by looking at a stock’s 50-day moving average, you can uncover a key factor about the stock’s future…

Where it’s headed.

This is the closest you can get to seeing the future – but you have to know just how to read that 50-day.

And today, I’m going to tell you how to do just that…

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