Two Stocks to Buy When the Market Corrects Next Week

Yesterday, all three major indices extended their end-of-year rally, each closing at new all-time highs.

But the bull run can’t continue forever. In fact, the market’s trend higher tells me the opposite – as we head into a new year of trading, a healthy correction is coming.

While it may not feel like it, we have actually already seen some healthy corrections over the last few weeks. A few sectors started running higher after the election, and traders started taking profits.

And now, after the profit-taking, these sectors are ripe with profit potential yet again.

In fact, there are six sectors in particular that have seen incredible jumps higher – I’m talking up to 507% higher from their yearly lows.

When the market corrects again, these are the sectors you’ll want to watch.

And today, I’m going to show you the top two stocks to buy when that happens…

The Top Three Market Movers for 2020’s Final Trading Week

Every Monday, I like to take some time to assess the market’s landscape to determine where it’s headed for the week.

This week, as you know, is different than most. It’s the last trading week of the year, and the market is closed on Friday due to New Year’s.

The week may be shortened – but, in true 2020 fashion, there are still a ton of factors driving stocks all over the place.

And there are three market movers shifting to the top of my list right now.

These three factors have the potential to shoot the market higher or lower – and as they do, they could reveal some big-time trading opportunities.

Here are the top three market movers to expect this week…

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