The Great Covid Migration Continues to Boost These Stocks

Chances are you’ve seen it in your own neighborhood, or heard about it from friends and family.

College students moving home as universities switched to remote classes. Gig workers and restaurant employees leaving city centers as lockdowns shuttered their employers. Folks afraid of catching Covid-19 relocating out to the suburbs, where avoiding others is easier. Those are just three examples of one great migration that’s played out in America this year.

Far from being random, there are clear patterns in who’s moving where. And the consequences for life in America will play out for years to come, long after Covid-19 goes away. And as people move, so do stock prices.

Here are a few that stand to get a big lift from the Covid-19 exodus…

Don’t Let Election Fever Eclipse This Week’s Earnings Opportunities

Stock markets clearly just want to go up right now.

With FOMO (fear of missing out) being felt broadly, neither on-again and off-again stimulus talks, antitrust rumors, nor news about the upcoming election can keep markets down for long.

On that note, expect some more last-minute stimulus wrangling now that we have just over two weeks left until the election. We already saw some of that this weekend, as Pelosi gave a Tuesday deadline for stimulus talks, while Trump suggested he may want a stimulus bill that’s even bigger than the one Democrats have proposed.

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