How the Market Already Knows We’ll Be Getting a New Round of Stimulus

Talk of the next round of stimulus has gripped Big Media.

TV talking heads spend hours covering the play-by-play of Congressional negotiations over the bill. Who wants what in the bill, when’s it coming, what kind of stimulus will it be, who’s got the upper hand…

Then when President Trump signed executive orders to fill some of the stimulus gap while negotiations go on, senators from both parties started questioning how workable or even legal they are.

That’s added another topic for Big Media to discuss.

This Week’s Big Headlines Could Lead to Huge Opportunities Next Week

The latter part of this week saw some big market moving events, including the shots fired from the Trump administration about Hong Kong politician Kerri Lam, the social media platform TikTok, and some potential new requirements for Chinese stocks trading on U.S. exchanges.

In today’s market update video, I’ll review each of these events and analyze the effect that they’ve had on stocks with a large exposure to China.

I’ve got some new recommendations on legacy stock plays – including two Chinese companies – that you should consider adding to your portfolio on pullbacks.

I’ll also give you an analysis of what’s been going on in the broader markets. The battle between the headline risk – primarily regarding COVID-19 and U.S./China saber-rattling- pushing markets down and all of the stimulus money trying to lift the market up rages on.

The market made a strong move up to a resistance line that I drew for you in last week’s market update video. Assuming we can break above that level, I’ll let you know why next week has the potential for another strong move up.

And finally, we’ll take a look at something that a lot of traders and investors have been keeping their eye on lately – the parabolic movement of gold and silver prices. I’ll give you my best advice for how to trade and profit from these extreme movements.

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