The Market Gets Its First “Caution Flag” in a Long Time

Since the March 23 lows, the market has been on an absolute tear, racing back towards the all-time highs from before the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak.

But this week, traders and investors started to pump the brakes a bit as the first real yellow caution flag started to wave. There’s a Reality Gap between the risk-on and the risk-off assets that is giving the market pause.

In today’s market update video, I’ll explain exactly what I mean and show you how it’s affecting all four of the major indexes.

I’ll also give you some insights on what it means for the market going forward.

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You Need to Know About These Rallying Sectors

I’ve got another weekly market update video on tap for you today as you are hopefully enjoying your weekend.

The big narrative from the media this week continued to be worsening coronavirus, but you would be completely oblivious to it if you just looked at the market’s performance.

The market is back to testing a new “line in the sand” after recovering from the March lows. If we can break this level, we’ll be off to the races to test the all-time highs. I’ll show you this level and let you know what I think is likely to happen in today’s market update video.

We’ve also had some very big changes in the sector rotation this week, with many of the beaten-down sectors starting to show some renewed strength. I’ll show you which have been the biggest movers, and talk about one geopolitical event that’s hurting a major sector.

Finally, I’ve got a couple of new stock recommendations to add to your portfolio on any dips.

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