The Best Energy Play of the Post-Pandemic Market

This past Monday, I introduced our new game plan of building a summer portfolio.

We’re going to be focusing on the sectors that I call the “pandemic darlings” because they will enjoy the bulk of the reopening profits.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to give you the absolute best stocks from each of the pandemic darlings.

This way, you can build a technically sound summer portfolio that we can “set and forget” for the rest of the year.

Like I mentioned this past Wednesday, we’ll revisit these stocks about once a month, but that’s all the maintenance this best in breed portfolio will require.

I am so excited for the next four weeks.

While everyone else is “staying in May and going away,” we’re going to take advantage of the current market sentiment to create a strong basket of stocks that are already positioned for a bull rally.

The first sector we’ll be looking at is the energy sector.

Here are the five best energy stocks of 2021…

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