Microsoft’s Bid for TikTok is About Much More Than It Seems

The original Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union was fought through deploying military assets in strategic locations, manipulating trade, and even sponsoring coups.

Today’s New Cold War between the U.S. and China has opened a new front: Social media.

For months now, the quickly growing Chinese-owned TikTok social media app has been criticized in the U.S.

Security experts have found it sends highly personal information back to Chinese servers for no apparent reason.

The Department of Defense and all four branches of the military even banned it from the phones of military personnel.

Last week, things escalated even further when President Trump declared he would ban the app completely in the U.S.

From a security standpoint, that’s probably not a bad idea. But TikTok’s more than 50 million daily active users in America were less than thrilled.

Suddenly, into the middle of this tech Cold War came Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT) CEO, Satya Nadella. Over the weekend, he announced his company was looking to buy TikTok’s U.S. division.

After a conversation with Nadella, President Trump said he was open to the idea and set a deadline: September 15.

Unfortunately, a deal acceptable to everyone is not going to be easy to find.

And in the meantime, the whole TikTok affair has revealed Microsoft’s biggest weakness

The Best Investments to Make as the Fed “Prints” Money

Wall Street and their friends in the Big Media have been having a field day since March.

You’ve seen the stories: Big Tech companies such as Inc. (AMZN) up 60%, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. (HTZ) more than tripling after filing for bankruptcy protection, airline and cruise line stock swinging wildly up and down…

All great stories to make you jump in head first, trade without thinking, and make your broker a lot of money while you’re at it.

One story they tucked “below the fold” has been the meteoric rise in precious metals.

Silver and especially gold have had a stellar year. The SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) ETF, probably the easiest way to invest in gold, is up over 18% this year.

If you bought it at the March bottom, you’d be up twice as much.

It’s been years since we saw that kind of move in gold.

Of course now that it’s up so high, Wall Street is starting to talk about it, ads for gold are everywhere on TV, and Robinhood traders are piling in.

In the long-term, they’re right. Gold and silver will keep rising.

But don’t join them. At least not yet.

Here’s why…