The Next FAANG? Here’s My Top ETF Pick for the New Year

I, like everyone else, thank the Nasdaq 100 ETF, the Invesco QQQ Trust (Nasdaq:QQQ), for its duty in 2020.

In a time when the market needed a leader, the “Qubes” took the reins and ran.

Names like Inc. (Nasdaq:AMZN), Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq:NFLX), Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq:FB), and Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq:GOOGL) got daily mention everywhere as one of the reasons that investors and traders needed to stay in the market.

The FAANG stocks shouldered some serious weight. But this group is seriously tired…

And there’s a better technology group that you need to ride in 2021.

The group in question, in fact, doubled the performance of the Nasdaq over the course of 2020. While tech stocks grew about 45%, these names shot up 147%.

And they’re just getting started.

This group makes up my top exchange-traded fund (ETF) pick for 2021. Here’s how to play it