Buy This Tech Stock with a Proven Resilience to Antitrust Scrutiny

Earlier this week, markets were slowly moving up for most of Tuesday, until the late afternoon. Then, in a matter of minutes, the Dow dropped 421 points, and the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq weren’t far behind.

The reason that Big Media is going with for this drop is a tweet from President Trump on stimulus. Now, as late as Saturday, Trump had tweeted that America “wants and needs stimulus.”

And by all accounts, negotiations between House Democrats and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin were making progress.

But yesterday, President Trump tweeted that he was cancelling all negotiations over another round of stimulus, until after the election.

Now, Big Media isn’t exactly wrong to say this is why markets dropped. With the Fed having expended all its ammunition, more help for the economy can only come from Congress and the White House.

But by focusing on the abruptly halted stimulus talks, Big Media isn’t talking about another crucial event that happened overnight.

One that could mean big profits for you if you know where to invest.

This is the reason tech stocks especially struggled to even stay flat for the day.

See, a leak of a Congressional memo put a huge issue back on investors’ radar.

And the implications for Big Tech couldn’t be greater…