Three Ways to Get Easy Post-Memorial Day Profits

The first trading day after a long holiday weekend is always exciting.

Premarket trading volume and prices are usually inflated as people enter the market after having some time to strategize their investments.

This spike in prices and volume, combined with a little market seasonality, should lift the markets up higher this week.

You may be wondering to yourself, “What seasonality, CJ?”

Well, today I took a look at the historical performance of the S&P 500.

I discovered that stocks trade higher 64% of the time after Memorial Day.

Of course, 64% isn’t large enough to stifle the concern that the market needs a healthy correction, but we can use the market’s historical performance to position ourselves for predictable profits.

So, this morning I took a look at the earnings reports scheduled for this week, and I found companies that we can use to quickly make some money.

These are hands down the three easiest ways for you to make money this week…

Profit From a Volatility Breakout with These Three Stocks

I’m writing this to you from on the road!

As we enjoy the final day of our holiday weekend, I wanted to get you ready for the trading week up ahead.

I’m currently sitting at a rest stop, and you know what I tend to do when I’m checking my charts at a rest stop?

I tend to focus on only the easiest trades that are primely positioned for quick profits.

And one of the simplest ways for a trader to make money is by riding volatility.

Remember, volatility is a trader’s best friend.

Which is why I have an entire system dedicated to finding opportunities within volatility.

My proprietary volatility filter system identifies the stocks that are about to make larger-than-usual moves.

And this system also shows me the exact price you should sell these stocks once you buy them.

Today, I found three stocks that are set for a volatility breakout.

Which means right now, we can easily position ourselves for a quick profit.

Here are my top “volatility breakout” stocks of June…