You Only Have Four Weeks to Get in These Pre-Earnings Trades

After a short hiatus in May, buyers are re-entering the market in full force, and it’s because we’re approaching an earnings “pre-season.”

The earnings pre-season rally is usually much larger than an earnings report rally and today I’m going to show you how to take advantage of this pre-season movement.

Volatility is ramping up – and as a result, stocks are about to move fast

Giving you the opportunity to make fast money. I’m not talking about week-long trades, either. I’m talking about the chance to make bank in as little as minutes

Multiple times a day…

Three days a week.

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We only have four to six weeks to play this pre-season trend for big profits.

And my technical charts show that three sectors stand to make the largest rallies.

These three sectors will allow you to squeeze as much profit as possible before the summer slowdown hits us all.

You’ll want to invest in these three sectors immediately…

The Movie Theater Short Squeeze Nobody is Telling You About

The market is rallying to new heights, and stocks like Blackberry (NYSE: BB), AMC (NYSE: AMC), and Gamestop (NYSE: GME) are taking off like fireworks on the 4th of July.

This has caused investors to dig up all the other short squeeze candidates on their list.

They’re scrambling to find the next set of shorted names ready for liftoff.

Of course, this list of candidates changes every few weeks.

That’s why I check my list every single day, and my technical data shows me that short sellers are becoming more active as we approach the summer season.

They’ve been quiet all throughout April, but now there are more than 187 stocks that we could squeeze for a big profit.

This past December, I showed you how to find a short squeeze before it happens.

Let’s briefly go over again why short squeezes work…

Everyone remembers the GME story from February.

It became a “trading revolution,” one brought on by the rise of apps like Robinhood – and it created wave after wave of speculative surges – just like the ones we’re seeing right now.

With extra volume pouring into the market, billions of dollars are up for grabs every day – historically amounts up to $970 billion, in fact.

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Now, GME was an extremely rare example of a short squeeze, but there are hundreds of these situations playing out every month on stocks that don’t get as much attention.

Shorting a stock can be a dangerous undertaking.

You’re betting that the stock will decline and using margin accounts to do it – which means that you’re leveraged.

If the stock goes down, the shorts are happy, and they pocket their profits but it’s a totally different story when a stock goes up though.

When this happens, the shorts start feeling the pain as their leveraged losses add up quickly.

At some point, they have to call it quits and cover their positions to limit losses.

When this happens, the entire group of shorts will start buying shares at any price in a panicked frenzy, causing the stock to go parabolic.

That’s a short squeeze.

History shows that short squeezes play out over a four to six week period, and out of the 187 stocks currently on my list… three are ready for liftoff.

You can ride these three short squeeze rockets straight to the “moon”…