This Monday, Follow the Top 1% into Their Favorite Stock

The post-pandemic reopening is causing stocks to move in unpredictable patterns.

This is only natural.

After all, we’re recovering from the only global pandemic shutdown in the history of mankind.

Which is why today I’m going to talk about the safest way to play an unpredictable market.

It’s a simple, straightforward investing strategy that will help you grow your wealth no matter what curveballs the market throws at us.

If You Want to Make Money by June 15, Buy These Three Stocks Right Now

Yesterday, we talked about the pre-season earnings trend that we can use to get quick, predictable profits.

I’ve been knee-deep in my technical charts, pinpointing the absolute best stocks that stand to benefit the most from this summer earnings season activity.

And I’ve narrowed it down to just three easy stocks that you can buy right now, a full month ahead of their earnings reports.

For the next week, we’re going to see lighter volume on the market as people head out to the beach and enjoy our newfound post-pandemic freedom.

But after that, all hell will break loose because the last two weeks of June will kick off the earnings pre-season.

When this happens, investors will be betting on stocks like a horse gambler at the Kentucky Derby.

They’re going to be putting money into any company that could give them a substantial, short-term profit, and all this activity will send many stocks surging into their “buy the rumor” rallies.

There’s only one week left for you to position yourself for both “pre-season rally profits” and “earnings report profits.”

Here’s my exact price target for these three stocks…