How to Buy the Clean Energy Dip for 50% by Next Month

This week, the Invesco Solar ETF (TAN) dropped 15% from $125 per share to about $105, leaving investors wondering if the solar trade is done.

If it were any other sector this would be concerning. But for the clean energy sector, this pullback reinforces a very strong, very lucrative trend.

We’ve seen this sort of price drop happen three times since January. These 15% pullbacks have been fast and volatile, taking just five days to move from peak to bottom.

But every time this happened, a bull rally immediately followed.

For example, the TAN started the year on a supercharged rally with many of its component companies posting 100%-plus returns in the first two months of trading.

We’re entering a short window of opportunity to take advantage of this consistent pattern for fast profits.

Not only is the government’s next stimulus package focused on clean energy, my charts show me that we’re about to enter another rapid-profit cycle.

This powerful combination is giving us an amazing opportunity.

In fact, there are seven stocks that could give us 50% or more profits in less than a month.

Before Reddit, This Indicator Predicted 20 Years of Short-Squeeze Rallies

You can profit off of short squeezes without using Reddit.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been using short interest in all of my investment models because it’s one of the best ways to predict a bullish rally.

Short interest is revolutionizing the trading world as we know it. You can take advantage with up to three short squeeze trade recommendations per week – learn how right here.

You see, GameStop wasn’t the first short squeeze to rock the market. But it was the first time ever that short squeezes became public knowledge. And now, those of us “in the know” are smiling because the rest of the world has figured out this trick.

Like I said, I’ve been leveraging short interest for the past two decades. And I haven’t done it by spending hours scrolling through Reddit forums.

During that time, I’ve developed a short squeeze system that finds these opportunities every single week. Over my entire career, the short squeeze has proven itself one of the most reliable indicators in my entire trading arsenal.

That’s why I say that short-sellers are a bull’s best friend.

And right now, my data shows me that three specific stocks are about to experience a short squeeze rally