It’s Q4 Earnings’ Biggest Week – Avoid These Three Stocks at All Costs

Earnings season kicks into high gear this week.

This is the week that puts most traders to bed early each night, with almost 500 companies releasing their earnings results between Monday morning and Friday night.

it’s an investing feat of strength – and many are already getting started.

Buyers dove head-first into stocks ahead of earnings announcements last week… only to see those reports trigger a “sell-the-rumor rout.”

I’m here to tell you one thing – don’t follow those buyers. One of our three steps to straight-up profits is this:

Avoid the crowd.

Investors are piling into three big names in particular ahead of their earnings reports. But each of these stocks look ready to correct by about 5-10% – and I don’t want you to be there, losing money when that happens.

That’s why you’ll want to avoid these three stocks at all costs this week…

Three Buy-the-Dip Opportunities for Next Week

Some of the fastest year-to-date (YTD) profits have come from steel manufacturers and alternative electric companies…

But the investors that rode these sectors were quick to cash in. And now, shares are rolling back…

The U.S. Steel Corp. (NYSE:X), for example, was up 40% YTD on January 12. Today, it has fallen 19% below that level.

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That doesn’t mean, however, that you should drop these stocks and run. These trades are far from over – and they’re still stacked with profit potential.

Instead, the dip lower should be taken as an opportunity – buy low, sell high, right?

Many of the companies within these sectors are taking up residence in my Weekend Watchlist.

As we get ready to head into a new week of trading, these are the stocks you’ll want to keep your eye on…

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