Janet Yellen’s Inflation Talks Revealed This Summer’s Most Profitable Sectors

Today is the month’s third trading day, and so far the market has found a way to avoid “selling in May.”

I’m anticipating a correction to arrive very soon, but today’s Straight-Up Profits article will focus on two stocks that will continue to rally higher, despite this month’s “go away” mentality.

In fact, these two stocks are the foundation of my “best in breed” portfolio, and they will help you outperform the market for the rest of the entire year.

The Kentucky Derby Foreshadows May’s Most Lucrative Stocks

May is here, and everything is going as predicted.

On Friday evening, the Night Trader chatroom was buzzing with different strategies for this month.

If you haven’t joined us in the chatroom yet, you really should consider tuning in. It’s incredibly fun, and the casual setting provides the perfect atmosphere for fluid, informative conversation. Call 1-877-211-3024 now to find out how you can join and talk shop with me and your fellow traders.

The main topic of conversation was the opportunities ahead of us, as well as talks of “selling in May.”

I pointed out that we need to hang in there for a few weeks as the seasonality often pushes stocks higher as earnings season continues.

That’s exactly what we are seeing this morning.

Stocks in the “reopening” trade are jumping higher as buyers are returning to the market. Sure, we got some inflationary numbers in the economic data this morning, but that’s not going to slow down the market over the next few weeks.

May will go as it normally does, start with a thrill, and then end with a spill, or at least a fading like the back of the field at the Kentucky Derby.

On a side note, how nice was it to see the running of the Kentucky Derby this weekend?

The event foreshadows a market message that will be a huge factor in your investment success for the next nine months.

And this summer, focusing on just five areas of the market will deliver the biggest profits

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