Three Reasons Why Bitcoin Isn’t Done Climbing

During trading on Monday, Bitcoin briefly eclipsed its all-time high price, and was up by 177% for the year.

And if you currently own any Bitcoin, you could be forgiven for being a little nervous about it.

After all, the last time Bitcoin set a new all-time high was in December 2017 during the height of the first Bitcoin rally, when it reached $19,783. Five days later, Bitcoin had lost a third of its value. One year later, it had fallen all the way to $3,300.

But unlike in 2017, Bitcoin isn’t about to crash from these heights.

In fact, there are three big reasons why Bitcoin is going to keep powering higher, and why you should take any significant dip as a great opportunity to buy – even if you’ve never bought cryptocurrencies before.

Those that do could have some massive profits in store.

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These are Your Best Investments as the Market Wakes Up to the “New Normal”

Tuesday morning has been all about vaccines. The PFE/BNTX offering will get an FDA review on 12/10, followed by a review of the MRNA data on 12/17. All three stocks have been up over the last four days, though as I wrote earlier, the real winners have been the smaller mRNA technology companies – MRNA and BNTX (though PFE’s double digit gain has not been too shabby for the pharma giant).

Looking back over the long weekend, enough dust has settled from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to make one thing clear.

Sure, the sales event was a success. But not so much for brick-and-mortar stores. Far from seeing a renaissance of in-person shopping, physical retail might actually be doing even worse than before.

For weeks now, the financial media had been hyping up Black Friday as the event that would send brick-and-mortar retail sales through the roof. For a sector that’s been losing ground to Inc. (AMZN) and other online sites for years, and taken an even larger hit from this year’s lockdowns and social distancing, that would have been very good news.

In anticipation, Macy’s Inc. (M) stock almost doubled in the weeks ahead of Black Friday. Nordstrom Inc. (JWN) and mall REITs had also been climbing.

But the Reality Gap is that this was just hype, nothing more.

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