A Sneak Peek at Something Only “Insiders” Normally Receive

The coronavirus has exacted a terrible toll on millions of people around the world. Not only has the virus caused a massive amount of suffering through illness and tragic loss of life, the livelihoods of countless people across the globe are being threatened.

Traders and investors have definitely felt the squeeze.

In massive market drawdowns like these, investors often fall into three main categories of behavior…

  • Those that have remained in the market, prepared to ride it out…
  • Those that got their money out somewhere along the way down…
  • And those that get out somewhere near the bottom.

In today’s Millionaire Mindset Podcast, I’m going to discuss each of these scenarios and the best way to manage your investments going forward.

No matter which category you fall under, I want to provide you with some encouragement and optimism that we will get through this and ultimately recover with the incredible opportunity that’s coming soon – even if you are one of the people that ultimately end up having taken your money out of the market near the bottom.

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Flattening the COVID Curve – How, When, and Then What?

It may all look like bad news right now. New York City hospitals are overflowing with COVID-19 patients, and New Orleans and Detroit seem to be about to experience their own explosions of cases.

Today’s Reality Gap is the difference between how bad things look in the COVID-19 world, and the true investing realities that lie on the other side of the crisis. It is so hard emotionally and mentally to see a positive side while the numbers of new coronavirus cases and fatalities are growing daily.

Watch Now: How the covid-19 crisis is impacting stocks, bonds, the dollar, oil, and gold

But we can look to the information we have to see how we should be reacting in the coming days, weeks, and months instead of being trapped in the moment.

And the West Coast of the U.S. offers a glimmer of hope, and more importantly, a way forward.

California and Washington have been overshadowed in the news by the tragedy unfolding in New York, but the two states were the first to report cases of coronavirus infection outside of people who had returned from abroad.

And through some swift action, but also some luck, they seem to have “flattened the curve” and avoided the worst of the pandemic.

How they did it shows how we’re all going to get through this crisis…

And when we’ll be able to restart the economy.

And with all the stimulus money flowing in, there will be the Trade Opportunity of the Decade coming

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