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My name’s D.R. Barton, Jr. I’m not a Wall Street insider; I’ve never worked at a fancy bank or a big brokerage house.

In fact, I spent the first half of my career as a chemical engineer for DuPont… until I discovered a trove of market insider secrets that helped me “retire” at age 38 as a self-made millionaire

The single most powerful secret I uncovered is something I call the “Reality Gap.” That is, the biggest, fastest money is always, always found in the “gap” between perception and reality. When you ignore the mainstream market narrative, the media hype, “analyst” reports, you get to the real story of a stock or trade setup.

And that’s where the serious money is made. When you know the truth of what’s going on in the markets, you stand to make a fortune. Case in point: My readers got the chance to close five 100% winning plays in just one week recently. That’s like doubling your money every trading day for a week.

In this day and age, though, getting to that truth can be easier said than done. See, there are some powerful forces working against regular investors. I call ’em the “Big Four” – you’ll hear more about them in a second. The Big Four are 100% invested in making sure you never figure out what’s going on. That way, they get the money… They get to have a say… They get voted into power.

In fact, I founded Straight-Up Profits because I got sick and tired of watching the Big Four marginalize people – regular people like us who deserve to get their fair share of the extraordinary profits this bull market has to offer.

Here’s how we’ll get to those life-changing profits; it’s really simple – just four steps.

  • Look past the false narrative: I’m talking about the news media, heavyweight Wall Street players, Madison Avenue, and, of course, the government. They don’t care about you, your family’s prosperity, or your well-being; all they want is your vote, your voice, and your money. Oh yeah, and they sure don’t want hardworking folks like you and me to have a seat at the table. The “Big Four” are driven by pure self-interest. I’ll show you how they work separately and together to craft phony, hysterical narratives that distract you, mislead you, and most of all, cost you money, all so they can hang onto power, prestige and the lion’s share of the profits.
  • Understand the real story: Simply being aware of the Big Four and what they constantly get up to puts us far ahead of the game, and far less liable to fall for their misdirection. If we know, for instance, that an upcoming earnings report is based on “fuzzy” accounting, we’re in a much better position to take much better gains from that stock. That’s my mission here at Straight-Up Profits, making sure you know what’s really happening out there, and where the big, fast profits are found.
  • Use pro trading techniques made simple: Wall Street would love it if you put your hard-earned money in a ho-hum index fund to gather dust; it’s much easier (and cheaper) for them to manage. They’d rather you didn’t actively trade your stocks, so over the years they’ve built up a mystique; they make trading seem complicated, even scary. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’ll open up the deep trading toolbox I’ve built over the past 25-plus years, and show you how to confidently and safely leverage the real story for extraordinary profits.

As a Straight-Up Profits subscriber, you’ll hear from me every week with tools, actionable investing recommendations, and the tips and techniques I’ve learned in my years trading the real story.

And best of all, Straight-Up Profits will never cost you a dime; it’s absolutely free of charge, and it always will be.

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