Three Signs that You May Need a Market Hedge

I’ll admit it.

Like almost everyone else, I’ve been riding the latest bull rally like it wasn’t going to end.

And why wouldn’t I?

The market just took on a global pandemic shutdown – and won.

It took less than five months for stocks to bounce back from a 35% correction, all the while offering the best “buy the dip” opportunity for a swarm of new investors.

People with nothing better to do started putting their money in the market, and we saw stocks rally to new all-time highs.

But all this positive activity painted a rosy picture that wasn’t accurate, and investors began ignoring three massive warning signs.

One warning sign is bad enough.

But a trio of warnings tells us that it’s time to put a hedge in our portfolio and prepare for the worst.

Here are the first six stocks on my list…

The Six Best Stocks of the Summer

Stores across America are allowing vaccinated people to enter without masks.

Proof that the end is near, and it won’t be long until the pandemic shutdown is finally over.

Savvy investors are taking advantage of the reopening economy, and positioning themselves for profits as companies begin to operate at full capacity again.

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There is a lot of money to be made this summer, and I’m going to help you do it.

This weekend, I’ve got my eyes on six specific stocks. These stocks make up my “get out there” trades.

I call them the “get out there” trades because these stocks directly benefit from people going out and having fun.

Let’s be real, even the most introverted person in the world needs to grab a beer with their friends every now and then.

Which is why it’s a guaranteed fact that every single person on Earth is going to go out and celebrate the end of Covid.

And after sifting through my technical charts, I’ve compiled this list of “get out there” trades.

Both the technical data, as well as macroeconomic forces, are providing ammunition for these stocks to explode higher.

Here are the first six stocks on my list…