Profit From a Volatility Breakout with These Three Stocks

I’m writing this to you from on the road!

As we enjoy the final day of our holiday weekend, I wanted to get you ready for the trading week up ahead.

I’m currently sitting at a rest stop, and you know what I tend to do when I’m checking my charts at a rest stop?

I tend to focus on only the easiest trades that are primely positioned for quick profits.

And one of the simplest ways for a trader to make money is by riding volatility.

Remember, volatility is a trader’s best friend.

Which is why I have an entire system dedicated to finding opportunities within volatility.

My proprietary volatility filter system identifies the stocks that are about to make larger-than-usual moves.

And this system also shows me the exact price you should sell these stocks once you buy them.

Today, I found three stocks that are set for a volatility breakout.

Which means right now, we can easily position ourselves for a quick profit.

Here are my top “volatility breakout” stocks of June…