Use These Six Stocks To Profit From Biden’s $3 Trillion Proposal

For the past month, we’ve seen the exact same pattern in the market…

Monday: soft open and trending low until…

Thursday: the start of a rally higher into the weekend.

This pattern repeated over and over again – staying low before rushing higher – like the market’s own version of the Texas two-step.

But it looks like the Biden Administration’s $3 trillion infrastructure plan is going to change all that.

The plan is said to focus on rebuilding aging infrastructure like highways, bridges, and rail lines, while also investing in technologies to reduce planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.

Although we don’t have the full details of this plan, the market is already starting to react.

Stocks like United States Steel Corporation (X), Cemex (CX), Trinity Industries, Inc. (TRN) and United Rentals, Inc. (URI) have been outpacing the market since the election in anticipation of a restructuring plan turning to execution.

But there’s more. I’m seeing six different stocks you can buy right now to position yourself for big profits.

Use these six stocks to make money from Biden’s spending plan…

  1. Blink Charging Co. (BLNK)

The alternative energy trade is already getting the nod from this $3 trillion spending.

Clean energy is an initiative that is being folded into the infrastructure plan as the administration is setting the stage for a wide roll out of electric charging stations on the nation’s highways and byways.

Last week, I went through the charts of the alternative names that we’ve been monitoring closely, and BLNK stood out well above the crowd.

Its shares are one of the few stocks in the alternative vehicle sector that have already started making a technical turnaround.

The stock is challenging a move back above its 20-day moving average, which would make it one of the first stocks within the group to start a short-term bullish trend after the two months of selling that has cut the clean energy and alternative vehicle stocks by more than 50%.

The fact that the infrastructure spending bill will include a focus on installing charging stations plays right into the hands of BLNK as shares begin to build a foundation for their next technical rally.

This stock is one of the few that are considered a buy from my technical model as we head into April.

Speaking of April, we’re going to have a special livestream session on Wednesday, March 31 at 4 PM to talk about its seasonal profits. You’ll get my complete analysis of the most profitable sectors and the stocks that you need to be buying as we head into one of the strongest months for S&P 500 performance of the year – plus, three specific trade recommendations with incredible moneymaking potential.

Bookmark this page now, and be sure to tune in on Wednesday afternoon.

Besides the infrastructure plan, we’re also entering the second “100 days” that we’ve been talking about the past few weeks, and we’ve got good news along with it.

Late last week, the state of New York’s lawmakers announced a deal to move towards the legalization of marijuana. The deal would add a 13% tax to sales revenue which will go to both state and local governments.

The cannabis trade has suffered through February and March as traders took profits from stocks that made some parabolic moves since November.

But there’s a way to invest in this industry without touching the stock market.

Right now, this minuscule $40 million startup could skyrocket as high as $2 billion in under two years. How? A sought-after “secret weapon.” They’ve got a pipeline of 27 potential cures for rare and deadly diseases… and you can watch an exclusive interview with the founder right here, where he’ll show you exactly how to cash in.

That said, we should see a number of cannabis companies begin to form long-term technical bottoms in their stock prices as the Administration and States begin to focus on their plans for the continued expansion of the cannabis market – bringing me to my next three stocks…

  1. Alternative Harvest ETF (MJ)

This ETF allows you to spread the headline risks associated with the cannabis industry. Because it’s an ETF, you’re likely to see less volatility from the position, yet maintain a similar upside reward from a rally in the cannabis stocks.

MJ shares recently found technical support at $32.50 and their 20-day moving average is shifting into a short-term bullish trend.

We will see some resistance for the MJ shares as they approach $45, but the shift in political focus that appears to be coming should provide enough of a catalyst for the ETF to rally to my price target of $50 by the end of May.

There are also two cannabis stocks that are set to outperform the market in April…

  1. Tilray, Inc. (TLRY)
  2. Canopy Growth Corporation (CGC)

Shares of both TLRY and CGC are ready to rally.

Both stocks are seeing a convergence of their 20- and 50-day moving averages as their trends are shifting into a climbing (bullish) pattern.

Historically, this sets a stock up for a bullish break above these trendlines after a pullback and consolidation similar to what we have seen over the last two months with TLRY and CGC.

Outside of the cannabis trade, my models are identifying a strengthening trend in a few of the reopening and rebuilding trades that you may want to jump on.

And I’ve got another pair of reopening trades that you’ll want to review right away.

But they aren’t your typical reopening trades…

  1. United Rentals, Inc. (URI)
  1. Alta Equipment Group Inc. (ALTG)

The infrastructure spending that we’re going to see rolling out over the next month will continue to feed the technical story for URI and ALTG.

Shares of both companies are among the leaders for industrial stocks in 2021 as these “first touch” companies will continue to see more demand as the construction season – and more importantly the infrastructure season – open for business.

ALTG reported positive earnings results last week along with an improved outlook. The company’s options are traded thinly, so a purchase of the shares is your best approach on this low-dollar equipment rental company.

Chris Johnson

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