This Trade Setup Looks Eerily Similar to GameStop’s

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A new short squeeze trade recommendation could hit your inbox on Monday morning.

This is a trade that can help you fight back against Wall Street, the financial elite, and the hedge funds that used to control the market.

Key words being used to.

Andrew Keene, my colleague and something of a “millennial millionaire,” is now recommending trades on what he calls “super squeezes.” And he’s using them to outsmart the Wall Street elites.

He’s eyeing one trade on Monday with serious profit potential – one whose setup looks eerily similar to GameStop’s.

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But listen up, because in the meantime, there are a few more stocks to watch this week…

12 stocks, to be exact, have taken residence on this weekend’s watchlist – and any one of them could become your next profit.

Check it out right here…

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There are 12 names on this list – but one in particular is catching my eye…

I didn’t think I would hear myself saying it, but it’s time to buy “old school,” or “dirty energy” stocks, as I like to call them these days.

For the last six months, my Night Trader subscribers have had the chance to cash in on the clean energy sector as this “new technology” group of companies hits its growth phase. To learn how you can join them, give our team a call at 1-877-211-3024.

Names like Blink Charging Co. (Nasdaq:BLNK), SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq:SPWR), and Plug Power Inc. (Nasdaq:PLUG) have given us more than a few 100%-plus trades. So, it’s weird for me to see the old school energy stocks like Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM) and Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CVX) start to rev up their own rally, but it’s happening.

And we’re going to harness these moves for profits as well.

This week’s “Stock Chart of the Week” is an ETF and the second name on our watchlist: the SPDR S&P Oil & Gas Equipment & Services ETF (NYSEarca:XES).

As I indicated in my notes, the XES shares are in the process of shifting into a long-term bull market trend. This is marked by the ETF moving above its 20-month moving average. For those of you wondering, the XES hasn’t traded in a real bull market trend in more than eight years.

So yeah, this may be a big deal.

The driving fundamentals behind the trade are relatively simple. Increasing demand for energy that is accompanying a potential economic recovery. Add to that inflation. And then last, but not least, the demand is causing higher prices that the OPEC appears to have a little more control over now.

It adds up to a chart that is ironically looking attractive while the new generation clean energy stocks are already engaged in their own bull market.

We’re going to be trading both ends of the spectrum of the energy trade over the next few months, but it all starts with a longer-term “buy and hold” trade on the XES.

My charts are targeting a potential move to $75. That’s a 50% move, which is impressive for this sector that has lost about 80% over the last six years.

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Now, remember, today could be your last chance to get in on Andrew Keene’s “Short Squeeze Revolution” before Monday’s trade recommendation.

Short interest is one of my favorite indicators, and Andrew is using it to recommend incredible moneymaking trades.

Right here, in fact, you can see how folks in the market could have turned every $1,000 invested into $17,570…. $53,160… even $71,720 in just a few days with peak gains from this revolutionary trading strategy.

Here’s to your trading success,

Chris Johnson

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