Got Any of These 10 Stocks in Your Portfolio? Time to Sell

We’ve spent the past few weeks covering short interest – it’s one of the best indicators that a stock is ready to pop, after all. But I’m not the only one who uses this indicator to identify potential winning trades.

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He calls these kinds of trade opportunities “super squeezes,” and he’s seen rare and extraordinary peak profits hit the market like 1,040% on FIZZ… 5,416% on AMC… even 7,272% on BBBY as a result.

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Short interest may show you when it’s time to get into a stock. But today, I’m going to show you when to get out…

I’m unveiling one of my favorite database model filters: The Crescendo Trader.

A crescendo is defined as the highest point reached in a progressive increase of intensity. And that directly translates into one of my strongest trading tools…

Crescendo volume – when a stock sees a quick rise in price and trading activity after a slower rally.

You’ve held XYZ stock in your portfolio for a few months now. And during that time, it’s been slowly rising higher. And then one day, boom – the stock skyrockets 10% as traders pour in.

That’s crescendo volume. And it means one very important thing…

It’s time to get out.

After that, you can set your sights for the next point to buy in ahead of another massive rally, as these trends often repeat themselves over and over again.

Identifying crescendo volume is the most accurate way to know, down to the exact minute, when to get out of a position. I’ve seen it work in some of the biggest sectors of the market, including alternative energy, big-tech, and even social media stocks. Basically, anything that the market is actively trading.

Right now, there are 10 stocks experiencing crescendo volume.

If any of these stocks are in your portfolio, you need to get out right now – and then, set your sights on an incredible opportunity to buy the dip…

Crescendo volume is a great indicator for traders in particular. It generates a list of stocks that are fast-moving and ready to pop and drop, so you’ve got to be on your toes and ready to move to cash in on the results. The pullbacks and profits are going to happen fast.

Today, I’m focusing on low-dollar stocks that have been breaking out into new super-bullish trading trends. Each of the stocks on this list have seen huge gains over the last few days, but now they’re ready to pullback before the next rally.

That doesn’t mean you need to get out for good – I’ve identified an entry price for each stock that should position traders for the next 20%-plus jump in these names.

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Now, what exactly does a crescendo look like? Check out this chart of one of the above stocks, housing company Capstone Companies Inc. (CAPC)

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CAPC is about to top out. By putting in a limit order for $1.00 now, you can ensure that you’ll profit off the stock’s next crescendo volume jump.

Bonus Profits: My Weekly Silver and Gold Hunt

Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked about golden and silver crosses. These are two of the best indicators for stocks about to jump, and I have a list of both for you…

A silver cross occurs when a stock’s 20-day moving average crosses above its 50-day moving average. The cross is a “technical power play,” as it indicates that a bullish trend is picking up acceleration to the upside.

In this market, momentum is turning to everything as traders are now moving from sector to sector in search of the next “hot stocks.” The silver cross pattern helps you to pinpoint these trends quickly.

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Second this week is the list of golden cross stocks.

Golden cross patterns are formed when the 50-day moving average crosses above the longer 200-day moving average. Unlike the silver cross – which is used more to determine the beginning of a acceleration in a trend – the golden cross identifies when longer-term momentum is increasing.

Given that the golden cross is a momentum filter, it is usually used by investors with longer-term outlooks. You know, a holding period of six-12 months.

Options traders may want to use the golden cross stocks as a list of candidates for long-term options as a stock substitute.

In my experience, the golden cross patterns are reliable at a rate of about 80% over a six-month period.

There’s nothing like beating the market 80% of the time with a simple filter like this…

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Now, speaking of all the GameStop drama, tomorrow I’m putting the spotlight on Robinhood – and telling you the truth about whether or not this revolutionary trading platform is worth your money.

Keep an eye out,

Chris Johnson

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