This Simple Tool Can Tell You If We’re Headed Back to All-Time Highs

I sincerely hope that you’re enjoying your weekend, and that you safely made it past Friday the 13th yesterday.

While there’s no real evidence to suggest that you’re likely to have bad luck on a Friday that falls on the 13th day of the month, a large number of people believe that to be the case.

We often see similar kinds of irrational beliefs and behaviors in the market.

Take this week’s big move up for so many beleaguered stocks, and the move down for so many market darlings during the pandemic, after we got some positive preliminary news about a potential vaccine candidate.

Given the way these stocks moved, you’d think people believe the coronavirus problem was a thing of the past.

But there’s a big Reality Gap that’s formed in the market this week between the hopes for a vaccine and the actual timeline that will be required to widely administer it.

The truth is that it’s going to take much longer than most of us would like for a return to normal, even with the vaccine getting closer to being a reality.

And because of that premature vaccine optimism, we’ve seen a big rotation out of the tech stocks that have thrived under the conditions that Covid-19 has created. But I believe that’s bound to reverse course, and I’ll show you exactly why in today’s market update video.

I’ve also got a great training session lined up for you on one of the most useful tools to determine the market’s strength and momentum in the intermediate-term. This simple indicator is a great way to inform our trading and investing, as it gives us insight into whether the market’s current direction is likely to continue or not.

And I’m going to show you why this tool tells me we’re likely to move up and test the all-time highs once again.

Click below to watch today’s video and learn more.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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