The One Thing That’s Really Going to Move Markets This Week

With both the Democratic and Republican conventions behind us, we’re now firmly in election season.

Polling suggests the Republican convention did not give President Trump as big of a boost as he may have wanted. To make up for that he may try making a big move – perhaps on China and trade, or on domestic law and order.

Any announcement like that could affect the markets, as worries over trade with China have in the past.

Put the Politics Aside. Here’s What Really Matters to Your Money

With the conventions of the two major presidential nominees dominating the headlines, there’s been a lot of mudslinging going on lately. Yesterday, I was called to make an impromptu appearance with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business, and we discussed the latest round of the blame game going on between Democrats and Republicans.

If you know anything about me, you know that I believe most of those kind of headlines are a waste of your time when it comes to your finances. Instead, I prefer to put all of the politicking aside and focus on what the numbers are telling us