TV That Won’t Rot Your Brain

As children, many of us were told by our mothers, “watching too much TV will rot your brain!” While that may be true for certain programming, I like to think that my television appearances serve to educate viewers. It’s been a busy week for me on the TV circuit, with three different appearances on Fox Business shows.

In case you missed any of my appearances live, here’s a quick recap of each…

On Monday, I joined Charles Payne on his program, Making Money with Charles Payne, to discuss the unprecedented announcement that the Federal Reserve would be purchasing individual corporate bonds. Charles asked my opinion of the move, and we discussed the pros and cons of the Fed’s continued stimulus efforts.

I also let viewers know which sectors are good buys right now and the best kind of stocks to look for to see big moves up, so be sure to click below to watch.


On Wednesday, my old friend Stuart Varney asked me to share one of my favorite stocks right now with viewers on Varney & Co.

Click below to watch and hear what I had to say…


Stuart then brought me back on a little later that day to discuss the prognosis for the market while Covid-19 cases continue to spike. I told Stuart that we likely won’t see new market highs without some crucial advances from the medical/vaccine side.

But there are some reasons for optimism. Click below to see what I mean…


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Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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