Two Coronavirus Fallacies You Shouldn’t Fall For…

Welcome to the latest installment of your daily market update!

In case you missed yesterday’s alert, I’ll be sending you a daily update on the coronavirus outbreak, the latest headlines, and what it means for your money. I’ll also be making a few recommendations on trades you can make to weather this storm as we go along.

Today, I want to give you a quick overview of the data on new confirmed cases around the world, and the effect it is having on the market. I’ll also share with you some new evidence that supports my skepticism of the data coming out of China that I warned Straight-Up Profits readers about back in mid-February – right before the market started sliding due to the worsening outbreak.

I’ll also provide an update on the important support levels that I’ve been telling readers to keep an eye on. There’s been a brief hold above the nearest support level that has led some to believe we may be finding a near-term bottom. I’ll give you my thoughts on whether I think this latest “line in the sand” will hold.

And finally, I’ve got a few more stocks that are still performing well, even in the face of this global pandemic, to share with you. These are great places to invest if you’re looking to put your money to work right now.

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