I’ll Tell You Straight-Up: This System Has Delivered 22 Money-Doubling Opportunities

Over the last few months, I’ve talked and written a lot about BetaFlow, in which a small group of traders have been beta testing my newest trading technique.

In fact, I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about the astonishing performance of the BetaFlow portfolio. In just under four months since BetaFlow began, participants have had the opportunity to secure gains of 100% or more 22 times!

That includes profits like…

  • 101% on W Puts…
  • 124% on MSFT Calls…
  • 126% on CI Calls…
  • And a whopping 136% on AAPL Calls…

…just to name a few.

But while I’ve been shouting from the rooftops about how much money the service was making for the participants, I haven’t been able to reveal all the details; a trading service with a phenomenal track record like this doesn’t come along often, so my publisher asked me to keep a few things under wraps until the full service is ready to launch to the public.

But now that time is fast approaching, and I want to give you – my Straight-Up Profits readers – the first look at how my exciting new trading service works.

Let’s pop the hood…

Wall Street Would Pay Millions for This

In any financial market in the world, the more information you have, the more likely you are to be successful.

Institutional and hedge fund traders are the ones with the most information, stalking profitable stocks from behind the scenes as they “follow the money.” I know because I was one of them for more than a decade.

And that’s what my new system does – it follows the money using ingenious tools developed by an all-star hedge fund team I’ve put together to find stocks that are either getting ready for their next explosive move up or are about to drop like a rock. And by following the money, we can cash in either way.

Lots of people claim to be able to “follow the money,” but I’m going to show you how to do it in a step-by-step fashion. Because it’s not just the fact that we follow the money – it’s how we follow the money that makes all the difference.

I was a chemical engineer early in my career, so I always like a systematic approach to following the money – it’s the system that makes the process simpler, repeatable, and teachable.

How We Follow the $70.7 Trillion Flowing Through the World’s Markets

The system tracks global money flow from the top down. That means it starts with the money moving between all the major investment asset classes around the world and tracks it down to money flowing into or out of a single stock.

When we know where cash is flowing in the world, we can quickly identify the most profitable trades for the current market conditions.

I look at how much money flows between these major investment assets…

  • U.S. stocks…
  • Global stocks…
  • Bonds…
  • Currencies (cash)…
  • Gold…
  • And other commodities.

I always trade U.S. stocks – you’ll see why in a second. If there is unusual or extreme money flow into or out of one of the other assets, that can be used to set up a stand-alone money-flow trade.

But the central reason to track money flow at this broad level is to define the current state of the U.S. stock market. We always trade U.S. stocks because it’s the central corporate cash investment market in the world.

The U.S. stock market is 53.3% of the total global stock market. It’s 6.3 times bigger than the second-biggest stock market (Japan) and a whopping 15.3 times bigger than China’s stock market. The low transaction costs (what it costs to make a trade), high trade volumes (how easy it is to trade), and easy access for small and large traders alike make it the envy of all other investment markets in the world.

We define the current state of U.S. stocks as either bullish (uptrend), bearish (downtrend), or neutral (sideways market). Our system makes this designation by measuring money flow in three time frames – short, medium, and long. When all three are heading up, the market is classified as bullish. When all three are down, it is bearish. If this signal is mixed, the market gets a neutral label.

When we know what the money flow is telling us about the nature of the market, we can target our trading. In bullish markets, we predominantly buy stocks and calls. In bearish markets, we lean toward buying put options. And in neutral markets, we use a combination of those strategies.

Here’s how the market’s money-flow picture has changed over the past two years…

It’s easy to see how critical it is to follow the money and be on the right side of the market.

With the market’s current regime understood, we can move on to find the best sectors in which to trade.

Honing Our Search for the Perfect Trade

Finding the best stocks to trade out of the thousands that are available takes two initial steps to intelligently narrow the field. First, we determine how money is flowing into and out of the 11 major U.S. stock sectors.

Here is a snapshot of those sectors and their returns for the past 200 trading days…

To measure the money flowing into and out of these sectors, our system measures the cash flow over a set period of time and then weights that according to how consistent the money flow has been.

Sectors where money rushed in for just a few days get weighted lower than a sector that has had steady money flowing in for a longer time. Once the system has made these calculations, we have a clear picture of the strongest and weakest sectors on any given day. Then, we can move on to find the stocks that are about to pop.

But I have to stop here. For now, that’s all I’m allowed to reveal…

Stay tuned. More information about this extraordinary trading strategy – which has been more profitable than anything else in my 30+ years of trading – is coming shortly.

I’ll be sending out additional information about the launch date to the BetaFlow mailing list soon. Spots will be limited, so to make sure you get in on the incredible profit power of my new trading technique, just click the link below, enter your email, and you’ll automatically be kept informed of the latest news and updates as they are released.

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Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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