Your Thoughts Will Help Shape This New Service

Over the last few months, I’ve been talking a lot about the disadvantages that ordinary, everyday investors like you and me are placed under by institutions that have far greater resources than we do – namely Wall Street big shots, the news media, Madison Avenue, and Big Government. The ugly truth is that they’re using those resources to distract you while they take the lion’s share of the profits.

In fact, you could even say I’ve become obsessed with the topic…

For months now, I’ve dedicated my efforts towards helping average investors like you see past the diversions that are laid out in front of them every day, and find the stories that truly will have an impact on their finances.

Those efforts have finally culminated in the launch of my new service, Straight-Up Profits.

But it doesn’t stop there…

I am determined to continue to help you filter out the noise meant to keep you in the dark, and show you how to profit from the stories that are really driving the market.

And I want it to be a team effort. After all, we’re in this together.

To that end, I’d like to hear from you on the subject.

In the comments section below this article, I want to know what headlines you believe are being presented to you in an effort to distract you from the real story.

I may even do a full “deep dive” on a topic you suggest in a future article. Your comments are incredibly important in letting me know the kinds of subjects you care about and what information you want to receive from this service, so I hope you’ll take a few minutes to respond below.

I look forward to a long and profitable partnership with you!

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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Jack Breese

It is a problem with money , cost of start up. 1 dont have 1400.00 dollars. I dont have 300.00 dollars.


I’m still trying to figure what your newsletter is all about

rick herbert

please approach the subject of getting called or putted prior to expiration. Some of us don’t have the resources to pay for the stocks either way

Karen Rothery

I read the other day that there were different “under the radar” sites. Maybe if regular people got to them first, it might let the big wigs know we have our ways, too. On the charts you could tell it was deff. insider trading.

j. David Anderson

Trying to figure out where to invest is incredibly difficult. Some analysts say the market is going up; others say it is going down. Everyone has a different idea what sectors are best. Is it best to invest in commodities? What about oil? Are ETFs a good or bad choice? Or is it best to stay
in cash? I’m in my seventies and capital preservation is important but I also want to earn some money. What do you recommend?


at age 85, and only a few bucks to “play” with, my comments probably won’t matter.
as far as investring goes, Ive been told to get out and stay out. You agree??


The trouble with most articles is that they focus on a stock for the short term and
not as an investment. If this new service is about buying and selling on a short term
basis, then state that along with a hold period. If it is an investment, say that you should plan
to hold it and maybe accumulate additional shares.


Examples of how you would provide, please. There are so many investor services that are really selling subscriptions. Show us how you will differ and provide to our advantage.

Donald L Butler

I recently renewed for an additional two years. I see your comments about your profitable option trades but I am not sent the buy/sell information on these. I only get the REIT buys which appear om the monthly newsletter. Why is this?


My wife is more conservative than I am. we’re both retired and I’m drawing down some TSP funds monthly and fluctuate between aggressive to not so much. I would like to see different strategies for plays from conservative to aggressive plays with risks of each explained.

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