Why You Shouldn’t Buy What this Major Media Outlet is Selling…

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Once again, another major media outlet is feeding you information that could cost you a shot at additional profits.

In today’s market update video, I’m going to share with you an article I saw this week on CNBC which, if you believe it, would have you thinking the market is about to fall off a cliff. But here’s the thing…

  1. As I mentioned in yesterdays’ video, markets don’t fall off of cliffs.


  1. Even a pullback is very unlikely right now.

I’m going to show you why pushing the “the market is about to crash” narrative at this time of the year is extremely misguided. There’s a wealth of data out there that shows that the market is more likely to continue its upward climb, and I’ll show you exactly why you shouldn’t believe the bears that are trying to convince you that the sky is getting ready to fall.

Most importantly, these predictions get one major thing wrong about the reason why markets turn. Click below to watch the video and find out more…

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Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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