You’re Being Deceived, and I’m Fed Up with It

Enough is enough.

I’ve reached my tipping point on the insanity that’s going on in the media. And on Wall Street. And on Madison Avenue, for that matter.

Those three groups are dedicated to treating the rest of the world like mushrooms – keeping us in the dark and feeding us manure.

I want to do exactly the opposite.

I’m making it my mission to shine a bright light on the messages that are being sold to us. Messages meant to misdirect you and me. To mislead us. Or to cover up what’s really going on.

Take Thursday morning for example, when a key bit of global economic data came out. Something that could make or break your investments for the rest of the year…

Germany is the largest economy in Europe, and the fourth-largest in the world. It’s an industrial powerhouse that for decades has been driven by exports – sending cars, machinery, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals all across the globe.

The country’s export focus makes Germany a key bellwether for how consumers across the world are doing. Strong consumer spending tends to mean high demand for imports, which bodes well for Germany.

So when Germany’s manufacturing industry shrunk for three quarters running this year, it put traders on high alert.

Not that you saw much about this on the news, of course.

No, they had more “interesting and political” things to talk about. Like who said what about Ukraine, as if that was going to change something.

It’s just not.

But the fourth-largest economy in the world shedding factory jobs at the fastest rate in almost ten years — that can change everything. It’s a key sign that the global economy might not be doing so well.

Yet both on TV and online, all you heard about was “impeachment” this and “Ukraine phone call” that.

Meanwhile, here’s the news that really matters, and how you can profit from it…

Why Impeachment Doesn’t Deserve Your Attention

As far as this impeachment is concerned – let’s jump straight to the bottom line: None of this impeachment gibberish matters. Because it is perfectly clear how this is going to end. Love him or hate him, even if President Trump is impeached (meaning he has formal charges brought against him by the House), he…

Will. Not. Be. Convicted.

You know it. I know it. The markets know it. Wall Street and the media know it too. And even though there are some staunch “Never Trumpers” holding out hope for a conviction, it’s just not going to happen.

It’s simple math.

Yes, the Democratic majority in the House will vote to impeach him. As it stands, I’d be amazed if they don’t. But for the Senate to convict him, 67 Senators would have to vote against the President.

That would take 20 Republicans voting against a President that’s still popular within his own party.

That’s just not going to happen.

But the media keeps yapping about it to keep you distracted. Distracted from the news that really matters to your financial security, your livelihood, your retirement.

Because they have their own political agenda to support. Plus, they can sell lots of ads when talking incessantly about impeachment, and practically none when talking about things that are vital to growing your wealth.

Look, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. The news media, the banks and brokers on Wall Street, the Madison Avenue ad agencies – there’s no grand conspiracy between them, no written agreement to keep things from you.

They just all have agendas that definitely don’t include helping you make money. Their agendas include, first and foremost, making money for themselves, keeping and/or growing their power and influence, driving their political agendas, and doing everything they can to keep you spending your hard-earned money on their stuff and voting or acting in the way benefits them – not you.

Like any good stage magician, they distract you by waving one hand around to keep you from seeing what they’re really doing with the other.

Well, I’m sick and tired of watching it. And watching what it does to friends, family, colleagues and good folks like you who come here for a little sanity and some clear-headed guidance.

We’re ten years into a bull market that has seen profits go to people that are supposed to be helping you, but are lining their own pockets instead.

And if you were transfixed watching or reading mainstream media, You were left in the dark.

That ends today.

Profit from the News You Really Need to See

Look, practically all of the analysts were expecting the same recession-leaning trend to continue in Germany on Thursday.

Wall Street expected the reports to say that the whole country was in a recession, with its economy shrinking. The best-case scenario was that the economy remained flat – just didn’t move.

So much for the analysts’ expertise…

Instead, Germany’s economy grew 0.5% in the third quarter of this year.

This great news was buried beneath a mountain of impeachment prattle.

While America was transfixed with impeachment talk, Wall Street traders were busy trading on this news, making money hand-over-fist.

But there’s a direct take-away for you here.

Germany’s economy unexpectedly grew because consumer spending is still strong, and construction is booming.

Meanwhile, the manufacturing industry isn’t struggling nearly as much as the “experts” thought it would. Even a weak car sector hasn’t managed to tip the economy into a recession.

Here’s what that means for you. Now is the time for medium and long-term trades in the industrial sector. Think “companies that make stuff that would hurt if you dropped it on your foot”. Industrial companies like Lockeed Martin (LMT), Boeing (BA), United Technologies Corp. (UTX), and others are all likely to show strength going forward, and to fall less in any downturn.

Specifically, focus on companies working in construction and defense, and avoid car and auto parts manufacturers for now.

Because, as Germany showed, the global economy is not as weak as pundits thought. Nor is manufacturing.

It’s time we peer behind the curtain. Let’s uncover what the brokers, the business “journalists,” and the advertising world’s modern “mad men” are telling you. I’ll call it out when their message is distracting, misleading or just plain wrong.

Going forward, we’ll dig into what’s really happening in the markets and the global economy – and yes, occasionally in the political world – that will lead directly to what to buy, when to sell and how we can really make money in the markets and grow our wealth.

I’m glad to have you with me, because…

Enough is enough.

I’d love to know what you think. Please be sure to leave me your comments, thoughts, and questions below.

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

P.S.: For even more in-depth, guided trading recommendations that can help you navigate these challenging, volatile market conditions and give you a chance at achieving real wealth, check out my elite research service, Stealth Profits Trader. Each week, I provide my subscribers with detailed instructions on the exact trade to consider, when to take any profits, and how to minimize their risk. My recommendations have already helped so many folks just like you. Click here to see what my subscribers are saying, and learn how Stealth Profits Trader can help you secure the financial success you’ve always wanted.

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Thank you for all the information and truth about the impeachment. We live in evil times and days of deceit everywhere. So I appreciate sound advice.

Britt martin

Your very inspiring.

Don G

You are right on sir. Thank you for the honest comment.

William Meyers

As a subscriber I look forward every wee to your insight and analyses of the SPX. Thank you for saying something about the circus clowns we call on what is called NEWS. What a prejudiced and jaundiced view. I miss the days when NEWS was reported and no commentary reporters on what they thought. Most haven’t had a thought of their own since they were in public , socialist led school. Keep up the good work!the

Robert Archer

I can’t stand listening to the news or reading articles sent my phone about all the junk they continue to flap their jaws about! Is ruins positive thinking and I cannot have that in my mind as I work with people each day that want to improve their lives in business as well as their employees lives. All of this negative, degrading language and action sent out to bring down a duely elected president is damaging all of us mentally, spiritually and physically! I too, have had enough!! Thanks brother for your input and guidance for us to improve our… Read more »

michael rennick

Thanks for your pointing out that those who are value destroyers only survive off of those that create values and actively try to hoax others into thinking they are the value creator heroes. Without the value creators like yourself, they would not exist to have the agenda to destroy our very purpose in life and that is to produce values. I must ask, what value is there in destroying values, as these actions seem to me to contradict our nature and purpose.


I 100% agree. The news needs no extra commentary. Just deliver the news, not your personal opions


I am glad you are focusing on the facts and the truth. I am so sorry politicians and the media today are glorifying liars and lies….What example are they setting for our next generation?


If you really want to get mad, consider how your local county tax assessor has been ripping off certain citizens. Suppose you are running into financial problems and have not been paying your property taxes. Eventually your home will be sold at a tax sale. If you owed $50,000 and your home was worth $500,000, for example, you should get $450,000 back as excess funds or overages. Unfortunately, the tax assessor does not inform the ex-homeowner that these funds belong to him. What is done instead is the funds are placed in an account for a specified period of time,… Read more »

Pat Balvanz

I’d like your opinion of Harry Dent and David Stockman’s warnings that the sky is falling and we can’t put it back.


I hear the term global economy so much I began to wonder.
So what exactly does global economy mean,and what are some of factors that can influence it?

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