I Was Having a Good Morning, Until I Saw This…

Friday morning started off really well. The sun was shining, and while the birds weren’t singing as many have already flown south for the winter, the bitter cold of the “arctic blast” from earlier in the week had begun to recede.

You could say I was in a good mood, until a friend of mine asked me to check out an article he’d read, and my disposition soured…

It wasn’t so much the specific article I’d been asked to read, but everything else on the page that really drew my ire.

If you believed that what you saw on the business section of this news outlet was the most relevant financial news, you’d think that the sky was falling.

Click below, and I’ll show you what I mean. I’ll also show you some cold, hard facts about what’s really going on in the market, and why things aren’t as bleak as some would have you believe.

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Don G

I appreciate the honest and truthful assessment. There is plenty of good things going on for which we should all be happy and grateful . I’m sure that you will get plenty of feedback telling you they don’t want to hear your political view. Keep up the good work. I’m always learing from your great insight.

Tim Darnell

The mainstream media cannot be trusted with any type of news whatsoever. Plainly wrong on almost every subject all the time. Thanks for your great perspective and I’ve been twerked (understatement) about the media’s unconscionable stance on the markets, impeachment, Christianity, Conservatism, the Constitution, and virtually any and every value many of us hold near and dear to our hearts.

bob zemnickas

Awhile ago you said to set you trailing stop at 1.5x atr below current low price. What do you exactly mean by “current low price”?

D.R. Barton, Jr.

Tim & Don – thanks to both of you for your kind words! I believe we need to scrutinize every thing we hear/read/watch to make sure it’s not working against our primary goals – like growing our wealth, being grounded, good citizens and more. Some inputs are useful, others need to be properly vetted. I’ll be doing a lot more writing about things that mislead and distract and actions we can take to protect and improve our financial situations. Keep those comments coming! Bob – that type of trailing stop is usually calculated from the high for a long stock… Read more »

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