D.R. Unfiltered: Bringing You the Latest in Cannabis Investing Opportunities

Greetings from beautiful Las Vegas, where I’m presenting at the National Institute for Cannabis Investors Retreat – a conference focused on the latest and most profitable trends in cannabis investing.

Myself and a host of other market analysts are presenting to a group of over 300 attendees, advising on a range of topics from technical analysis of cannabis stocks, to investing trends, to the future of the industry.

Perhaps the most interesting opportunity being discussed is the incredible breakthroughs regarding the financing of the cannabis industry. With the federal government still classifying cannabis as an illegal drug, banks have withheld capital from even the largest publicly traded cultivators and facilities. But recently, the SEC allowed a special “work-around.” A powerful financial mechanism that could change the industry forever.

Every Thursday at 9:30a.m., these “Lots” are being offered to the fortunate investors who know how to access them. And in return for allocating a few hundred dollars to help the industry tap into capital, investors have the chance at quadruple-digit profits in just a matter of weeks, days, and even hours. Click here to learn more about how to claim your “Cannabis Lots.”

In the video below, I’ll also be giving you a quick update on what’s going on outside of the cannabis markets – specifically why the market jumped up despite some disappointing economic reports that came out this week. I’ll let you know about the market conditions you need to know about to accurately anticipate the market’s movements.

Click below to watch…

Great trading and God bless you,

D.R. Barton, Jr.

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